In the near future between men and machines there was a global conflict — the rebellion of omnikov. In order to prevent the crisis and to establish the world on the planet, was founded, the international special unit of the hero. It owwatch was called. The heroes have fulfilled their task, and the rebels were defeated. In the following decades on the planet flourished, peace and harmony; began the era of the research, inventions and scientific discoveries. The influence of the overwatch weakened gradually, and soon the organization was disbanded, and the heroes are scattered around the world.


But now the world is threatened by a new danger — a growing crime, and overwatch announces a General fee to prevent the threat.

Overwatch-a computer game in the Genre of first-Person Shooter, developed by the company. Presented . The game is a Multiplayer co-operative Shooter with a variety of "heroes", each of which has its own unique abilities and role in the Team. The release of the game took place in may for consoles , and PCs with Windows.

In owwatch each character has a unique look and voice, and has unique abilities. The player expects a lot of different heroes: a time-traveling adventurer, armored warrior with a rocket Hammer, and even enlightened robot monk. Each of them has a unique style of play, and to unleash your full potential, you must use all your skills.


Each hero contributes to the common cause — whether it be a fighter on the Front, a defender, protecting allies energy shield, or hero support, the team-mates stronger. The advantage of the victory — effectively the skills of all the heroes. There are four types of roles:


Attack - a hero, high damage, and the targets.

Defense of the hero defends the points, the interference of the enemy, will fit the fronts.

The armoured defender, which is characterized by the large survival, contributes to reducing the damage to the armor, first sent to battle.

Support — heroes, to strengthen the be able to heal, and other useful tasks.

Quick game — Multiplayer-game with players on your level.

Against the AI-play skills with Computer opponents.

Arcade multiple game modes with different rules:

Random duel series of fights on a special card in the Format of 1x1 to 5 wins. Both players get the same hero.

Elimination-a series of fights on a special card in the Format of 3x3 to 3 wins.

All Of The Fights! — a series of battles on a random map in the Format 6x6 with a random set of rules for the fight. Now Browser replaces games.

A mysterious hero, a series of battles on a random map in the 6x6 Format. The player animates a random hero.

Without restrictions-a series of fights on a random card in a 6x6 Format with no restrictions in the selection of a hero.

Battle mode in which 8 players battle, where every man for himself, and born again in a few seconds after death.

Team fight - 4x4-Team-mode, in accordance with the same rules.

The game is a Ranking game with other players.

Your game — customizable player games. You can play with AI or LIVE players.

The games-Browser lets you find and connect to another players game created.

Weekly for the third, sixth and ninth victory in One of the Arcade mode, and once for the first victory in the new modes given Container.


Capture points

Teams fight for control over the map. One team attacks, the other defends. The goal of the attacker is to capture certain control points, and the defenders hold until the time is expired.


The Regime, in which the attacking team tries to deliver the cargo to the destination, and the defensive will prevent you to make it a certain period of time.

Control Points/Accompaniment

First of all, the attacking team attacks the charge and then tries to deliver them to their destination. Defending Team must do to stop it.


In this mode, two Teams fight for certain zones in the series up to two victories. You keep control over the area, the Team begins gradually. The victory in the round is for those who gain faster than 100 %. In each of the three rounds, Teams with a new Zone to gather in a different part of the map.

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